Our EVs are now available to retail customers

Our Vision

Why Go Electric

We want to shape the future of the electric vehicle market proactively and sustain local manufacturing in Australia.


Strengthen the Australian economy

Australia is strategically investing in the entire Electric Vehicle (EV) supply chain, aiming to lead global EV manufacturing. By attracting international OEMs, we position ourselves as a vital minerals superpower, contributing to the global battery and EV markets.


Preserve our environment for future generations

Go for a cleaner, greener future with electric vehicles, boasting lower lifecycle emissions. Aligned with global sustainability goals, Australia targets selling the last new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035. Join the eco-conscious movement and play a role in creating a healthier planet.


See increased annual savings

Make the switch to electric vehicles for a budget-friendly travel experience. Australia’s heavy reliance on imported fuel often results in significant costs. Embrace electric mobility, where replacing liquid fuel with electricity saves EV owners an average of $1,600 annually on fuel savings alone.


Reduce dependency on overseas energy supply

Empower Australia’s energy landscape with electric vehicles fuelled by locally sourced renewable energy. This strategic shift stabilises fuel supply and prices, contributes to job creation, and secures our nation’s future energy needs for a more resilient economy.

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