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2024 Australasian Fleet Education & Leadership Summit

AUSEV - AFMA Conference
Alan Brady taking the stage for AUSEV at the AFMA Conference

There were 2 absolute standouts from this year’s AFMA Expo, and only one is for sale.

The Tesla Cyber truck (wow, she does look beautiful), and the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Yet only one is for sale, and only one can save fleets operational dollars, and more importantly decarbonisation without loss of real-world capability.

AUSEV formally announced their commercial fleet spec at AFMA this year. It was on display with the site safety pack developed by partners GB Auto.

The significantly lower price tag compared to its luxury retail model that was much talked about in national press surprised many. Furthermore, after factoring in the $50,000 reduction in running costs, fleet managers were able to see that the total cost of ownership was even less than many ICE vehicles.

SO, here is our hot take! The F-150 Lightning for Light Duty fleet vehicles, is the best return on investment for fleets to adopt for overall operational cost reductions, AND could be the greatest single emission reduction vehicle in total carbon by volume ever seen in Australia.

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