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Ford F-150 Lightning

Buying a Lightning? EV Charging Explained.


Charging your Lightning need not be any harder than filling up your diesel or petrol vehicle once you understand the major points below.

EV charging, unlike petrol or diesel engines, has far more variety of options and convenient choices to charge than to refuel an internal combustion engine vehicle.

There are a few key points you need to understand first…

EVs can accept two types of power: alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).

Next… Charging Levels.

This is likely the most critical and important part of Lightning ownership with respect to charging.

To do so, you would need a portable EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) that AUSEV retails. It’s a small, compact, and very affordable device, and it can help charge your vehicle overnight.

This is a “top off” and not a real charging option for day to day.

We recommend an installed AUSEV Home Smart Charger. We supply them fully installed nationwide, and in 90% of cases the daily commute when connected overnight will have you fully charged the very next morning.

You will likely use this charge for most occasions and it’s also the most economical method.

They can range between 22kW to 350kW, however most suppliers in public charging locations will be between 50kW to 150kW.

The 150kW charging a F-150 lightning from 15% to 80% will be done in just 38 minutes. These 150kW stations are now very common and even increasingly found in the most remote communities.

Charging Products

Level 1

240V 2.4kW 10amp Charger.

$473 _

Level 2

7.2kW Charger.

$1,650 Unit only

$2,750 Installed

7.2kW Charger.

Photo by Andrew Hawkins / The Verge.

$2,500 _

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